SterJo Task Manager

SterJo Task Manager 2.7

A simpler and more powerful task manager

SterJo Task Manager is a free replacement task manager for your Windows PC. View full description


  • Info about processes, services, and drivers
  • Shows detailed network connections
  • Quick performance


  • No performance information
  • Can't change process priorities


SterJo Task Manager is a free replacement task manager for your Windows PC.

While the default Windows task manager is enough for most consumers, those looking for more features and controls will want to look to third party task managers to monitor their PCs. SterJo Task Manager is such a replacement and offers some very useful features that aren't included in the default Windows task manager.

All of the core features of a good task manager can be found within SterJo Task Manager. Users can get information about specific applications or processes, view Windows' services and kill programs. Where SterJo Task Manager differentiates itself is with the ability to show detailed network connection information, which allows users to pinpoint what ports and IP addresses are being accessed by each program.

SterJo Task Manager even gives users the option to pause, resume, or stop specific tasks. This makes it a powerful tool for troubleshooting suspicious activity on your PC.

Overall, SterJo Task Manager is a great tool for auditing a PC. While it's powerful, however, competitors like Task Manager DeLuxe offer more features.

SterJo Task Manager


SterJo Task Manager 2.7